So do you have something you’d like to tell ole dtrain? You know, some type of care, comment and/or a concern maybe relating to him or this wonderful website that he provides all the money for hosting, maintenance and domain.. If your in the web game then you know about all the little here and there fees that are associated with running an up to date website. Then maybe you’d like to contact me about making some kind of donation to our mission over here on dtrainderailed. But more then most likely your a robot, hacker or just some type of spammer that wants to phish money out of my pocket and with some charm you just might be able to complete that task. Or you’d be able to do that a whole hella faster with some type of mind altering substances. Hey fuck that just tell me that they are gonna fuck me up and you’ll make big bucks that first time around but then you’ve lost my business and any type of relationship forever.. Right right that is all up to you.

Well lets get back to why your most likely on this damn page for anyway.