dtrainDERAILED brings the dopest music from all over the web together  for everybody and anybody. Our service lets you access a large and growing larger collection of music that is laying out there in cyber space, right at your finger tips without having to spend your entire day off work doing it. With DERAILed in your browser, figuring out the next hott mixtape has never been easier. Especially with the mixtape section you can just click, scroll and crick abit more until you’ve done found what you came for. The music posted here has been through the extensive quality control ears of the dtrain before it is posted and generally have immense audio appeal already across the web and social networks. In addition to them banger mixtapes you want and need, we also offer the latest single, remixes, bootlegs, radio shows, music news, hott events, new music video and a crap ton of misc sounds from around…. So why you reading this junk, start listening!@# – dtrain

  • that above quote there was taken from a archive version of the old derailed website from back in 2013. I just wanted to show you that so you know that our mission has not changed.