Tupperwhere.online Project

So my latest project has been an online store that sells lightly used replacement Tupperware parts. By parts, I’m talking about different sized, colored and shaped lids or as they are called by Tupperware “seals” plus it’s gonna have all the other many different Tupperware Branded products as well. From Containers, bowls, tumblers, plates, cups, storage boxes and much much more. Also can’t forget that it will also have all the different Tupperware toys and children games that I’ve found out there. Basically, the Tupperware.online shop will be the top site for all your lightly used vintage and modern Tupperware replacement parts.

Your probably wondering why the fuck do I want to start a vintage Tupperware shop being the dtrain and all. Well, thats exactly it then. If your asking that question then you definitely don’t know me at all. Being the insane person that I am makes all the sense in the world why there needs to be a lightly used Tupperware shop in the first place. Mainly it needs to happen because there is far too much shit going to landfills in the first place. I know everyone can second that because it’s not only America anymore polluting up the planet, it’s just about every damn country in the world thats participating in the murdering of our own planet. Ok ok thats enough on the green peace ranting for now. Just so you get the first point in the creation of my tupperwhere.online gently used Pre-Owned Tupperware Brand Plastic Products.


So now that you get parts of why I created the site let me get to the best reason and the main driving force behind it all, that all the inventory is free and continues to be free as it grows by at least two or three a week if not more. Someone has to be an idiot, not to take advantage of what is given to them. And in my case what is provided would be vintage lightly used Tupperware. What I need to do is figure out if my time can be spent better in other areas of my life. So definitely check out the site sometime and hell if Ya have some extra cash that is burning a hole in your pocket please come and fill it with Tupperware from www.tupperwhere.online

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