TIME Magazine “Cult of Death” Decemeber 1970 – Complete

So i found this magazine about six or seven months back in my favorite dumpster round town here. I do find alot of magazines but not a ton of vintages ones but when I found this one and saw the front cover I knew that this one was a keeper maybe even worth some monies as well. Knowing that I wanted to scan it for the interweb so I posted it for a bit high on eBay while giving myself time to scan it before I sold it. Within the 2 months that I had it posted for 25 bucks it gained a good bit of exposure collecting 9 watches and hundreds of different views from people from all over the world I’d think with ebay having the second highest amount of traffic on the internet. I’m not 100% on this fact but I did hear this somewhere between six months to 2 years ago after hittting the bricks again for the my 3rd time.

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