August 1st 2019 – The day dtrain rebooted derailed is here

So it’s time to start the month off right here at dtrainderailed by adding trying out a new thing for you but an olei type thing for me. If you have been following me for a whike then you’ve probably know that I like to keep a journal with me at all times so I can take down a few things about my daily experance hee on planet earth. It’s someything that I’ve been doing off and on for many years. Now the shit really got juicey when I got outta jail seven years ago because life was really starting to get real. Unfortunately when I left philly in late 2015, I made the mistake of packing up all six notebooks which I was using because I didn’t think that I’d be back again with my mind set on northern California and no looking back was the idea that got my gears oiled for the adventure. Then after some shitty problems I landed in the Baltimore city jail without my best friend, Blizzard (my dog) and any of my notebooks that most likely landed in a trashcan some where when my bag was raided by drug crazed road tramps. That really put a stick in my spokes for a while in my writing. Which did finally picked up a year plus later when I got released into a rehab outside of Philly when I finally got a decent notebook plus a few good stories and/or ideas that I wanted to remember.

Now I have almost three books filled up which is making me get nervous about losing them all over again. More then a year ago I was able to finally get my domain name back because the Japanese sneaker outlet didnt renew the lease making me able to scoop it up. But ever since I got the name I haven’t had the means to pay for good hosting and just when I think I have everything almost ready to really get some dope content going I lose everything and have to start from the bottom again.

This time i’m gonna start write my journal online now so the world can see them and I get to back them up forever.

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