2008 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.6L 4×4

I was always the guy that would talk s*** on SUVs because really I’ve never driven one. I’d say go there bad on gas they are too big and they’re just for Americans that you know when everything would be the biggest. After the unfortunate passing of my girlfriend’s mother, she inherited her mother’s Jeep Liberty. Now because too sick and Shameless lifestyle that I live I don’t have a car and thrive in my girlfriend’s car. Before her mother passed away she drove a 2005 Volkswagen Passat with the 2.0 Turbo engine. Almost exactly a year ago today she inherited Jeep Liberty from her mother and this was the first SUV said I got to drive. Now what I think of it it was the second SUV that I’ve ever driven as I got to drive in high school friends Ford exploder which what is a real piece of s***. Oh now that I really think about it I’m sure that I drove my buddy Paul’s jeep grand Cherokee out on a camping trip or something but I just can’t remember those drive times as something that matter or that meant something to me. Now when I drove this jeep during the winter of 2018-19 it definitely made me have a totally different view of the “Jeep”.

9/18/2019 update:

I know that I haven’t even posted this article to the site so why am I updating it? Well, my mind is in a different state since I started writing the previous paragraph so let talk about that the jeeps up to now. Tho I can’t say it’s all good because after our trip to Philly on Monday it began to start running weird. Then when I left work Tuesday night it really started to run bad as it sounded like the engine was missing a cylinder or possibly two as there was a major loss of power completely from the engine to the road. Thinking that I just got off from work and lexi left me the jeep to drive myself home when I was done, I needed to keep this little problem under wraps because the only thing that she knew is that it was running just fine when I drove her to work seven hours earlier. meaning I didn’t want lexi to have any other thing that she could hold over my head saying that it was all my fault completely. So i just parked on the driveway and walked into the house like nothing was up with anything.The next morning she wants to be driven to work just like every other day so we hopped into the suv and I proceeded to turn the key over hoping the engine was gonna start up perfectly as if there was never any problem the night before and it was all a dream that just really sucked. Well the champ did start up without any difficultly but the magic ended faster then it started and we stopped at the stop sign on Boll Road heading toward downtown Lititz. We looked at each staring into one an others eyes running minds like best friends before one of us takes the problem by the balls .

“Maybe we should drive the jeep today? What time does Jamie leave for class today? Do you think he’ll let me drive you over to the butcher shop really quick?” were the only questions that rolled out of my month before Lexi started turning the gears in her brain trying to compare every type of car trouble that she has experienced.



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