Stopped up in the city of Philadelphia earlier in the am after seeing mommadukers for Easter. What a trip to take after a lame day with the family.. This is when your true reward is handed out in full. As Mercedes and I got off 95 and on to Aramingo to stop at the Wawa there on Huntington, well what do you know but they have that whole damn thing fenced off there and it’s closed too. Now I do understand that it the number one wawa in the county but do you really have to shut down the entire building to remodel it.

Anyway once I grabbed some monies out of the ATM inside the dunkin donuts where I used to post up and pan handle for days on top of days a little over one and a half years ago, it was time to hit the dope spot and get back. So as we got closer to the spot the more and more cops you’ll start to see out and about even at 2:30 – three in the morning the day after Easter. I let my nerves get the best of me and tell my girl to drive me forgeting that she is stoned as shit because she is always like that which always takes me by surpise because I don’t do that weed shit as it makes me paraboid and shit. So picture this as we leave the coffee spot on our way. She has know idea where we are going and is scared as shit. I tell her to pull into the Rite Aid to wait for me as I run in to the trap and grab me some shit. Then some how she talks me into driving the car right on in there and thats what I end up doing.

Now that is something that I have never done before and don’t know if I’d get away with it again. I just make a left down the 2nd right passed front street on the right to the left of the hospital there on B street and leighi Ave. The I saw a tight parking spot right before somerset ave and smoothly popped the VW into the spot in one solid movement. Hopped out of the car saying that i’d be right back to Lex and the puppy. Walked up to the guys on Hope and Somerset asking for a whole Bee and what the price on it would be.

Whats The STAMP???


Hows The Dope?

It’s Actually Dope I’ll Say That!